How can 2Tone help?

In numerous surveys of inhaler technique, patients and health professionals aren't
using metered dose inhalers (MDIs) correctly. The biggest problem is that almost
everyone inhales too fast.

Two things happen when you inhale too fast:

1) The aerosol created by the MDI has no chance to slow down - and when it travels
very fast, it has difficulty navigating the all the twists and turns on its journey to the
lungs. The result is much of the medication gets lost on the way, increasing the risk
of side-effects.

2) It becomes more difficult to press the canister AND breathe in at the
same time (health professionals call this "poor coordination"). The faster you breathe
in, the less time you are actually inhaling - making it difficult to get the timing "just right"

Inhaling too fast means the full dose
never reaches the lungs









To get the full dose to the lungs, inhale slowly and deeply. You then get more of the aerosol into the lungs, you reduce the risk of side-effects (because less is lost on the way down), and you have more time to press the canister when inhaling.







So it's time we did something about it!!

2Tone is a handy device that helps you learn to inhale slowly and deeply. Designed
for people who use - or teach people to use - the MDI type of inhaler, it has been
proven to improve the overall wellbeing for patients using the MDI, and achieved
significant and sustainable improve
ments in how well patients used their inhaler.

How does it work/How do you use it?

2Tone is easy to use and similar in shape and feel to a real MDI - it does not
contain any medication. Developed with the aid of leading asthma and respiratory
healthcare professionals, it teaches you to breathe in slowly and deeply by the
noise it makes when you inhale:


2 Tones = Too fast


Silence = Too slow






By listening to the sound the 2Tone makes when you practise with it, you can
quickly learn to slow down to just the right speed - making one note last several
seconds. This is the same way that you should be breathing in through your real
inhaler - slowly and deeply - every time you use it.

Once you have learnt to inhale slowly, you'll find you breathe in for longer,
and so don't have to rush to press the canister whilst you're inhaling.